Best cheapest virtual offices Singapore

Best cheapest virtual offices Singapore

Virtual offices are getting popular these days especially in the current pandemic time when many entrepreneurs are starting up their businesses and working from home is in trend. It is a great way for entrepreneurs to have an official mailing address and have office services without renting a place. So, if you are someone who is looking for virtual offices in Singapore but have a tight budget, worry not you are in the right place, as we have compiled the list of cheapest virtual office singapore for your business.

But first, let us give you an idea of the amount you could expect to pay in Singapore for a virtual office.

How much does a virtual office cost in Singapore?

You could expect to pay around S$ 52.80 – S$80 per year and monthly around S$ 4.4. However, it can vary according to the services you select.

List of cheapest virtual offices in Singapore


EZCorp provides the cheapest virtual office provider in Singapore. The yearly charges start from $ 52 for basic service which includes business address, email alerts, and self-collect email.

So, if you are looking for the cheapest with basic facilities, then EZCorp are the best option in Singapore.

They are based at 2 Venture Drive #14-02 Vision Exchange Singapore 608526.

Only Virtual office

They have various plans which vary according to the services you choose. They offer three plans Economy plan ($59/year), Premium plan ( $69/year) and Business plan ($87.96/ year) with different services.

You can visit their websites and choose the plan with the required services for your business.

These are the cheapest virtual office providers in Singapore that you could choose for your virtual office at a reasonable price.

Published by John Grochowski