Dental Implant And Crown: Everything You Need To Know.

Dental Implant And Crown: Everything You Need To Know.

Dental Crown

Crowns are an excellent approach to repair teeth that have been cracked or weakened due to decay or a large filling. They are designed to guard and heal teeth that have been chipped or severely damaged. A dental implant and crown can also be used in smile design to enhance your smile and can be put over dental implants and natural teeth to rebuild your smile.



A metal layer on the inside surface of the crown is covered by your tooth-colored porcelain on the outermost layer in porcelain bonded to metal crown (PFM). For people on low budgets, these dental crowns are a good solution.

Full Porcelain

These are suitable for front teeth since a crown composed of complete porcelain avoids the dark line at the gum line that PFM crowns with a visible internal metal layer generally have. Full Porcelain Crowns are preferred over PFMs or Gold Crowns as they are made entirely of porcelain, giving them a more natural look.

Zirconia Crown

It’s a tooth-colored metal crown that’s both sturdy and attractive. A Zirconia Crown is a famous all-ceramic crown used to restore the appearance of teeth that have been discolored or deformed over time. This type of dental implant and crown are long-lasting, sturdy, and easy to wear.

Most suitable for 

  • Teeth that are discolored or asymmetrical
  • A tooth that has been fractured or broken.
  • Taking care of your dental implants
  • With Root Canal Treatment, you can keep your fragile tooth from shattering.
  • Keeping the pieces of a fractured tooth together

Published by John Grochowski