Dawood – A major help to the relief work

Bashir Dawood’s firm has now progressed to the point where it may claim to be recognized as a leader in the Pakistani home and household appliances market. It takes some satisfaction in offering goods and commodities made to endure and outstanding after-sale services to its customers.

The Dawood Foundation has made a major contribution to the disaster relief effort

Bashir and Mariyam Dawood have contributed to the relief work via The Dawood Foundation, making significant contributions to the cause. The developer of Dawlance has been actively engaged in the lives of many youngsters over the course of many decades. In recent years, bashir dawood has earned a reputation as one of Pakistan’s most generous and outstanding philanthropists, having assisted and extended a helping hand to millions of people in their pursuit of a better life via his charity endeavours.

LASIK is a common laser-based surgical treatment that corrects imperfections in the shape of the corneas, which are the cause of refractive errors and impaired vision. It is performed on a large number of people each year.

Aga Khan University Hospital is very happy to be one of only a few facilities outside of North America to provide patients with this advanced neurosurgical equipment of the highest calibre available today. Several new types of equipment, including a Neurobiotic Exoscope, a Penetero Microscope, and a Deep Brain Stimulation device, have been introduced to the AKUH Neurological suite due to gifts from Bashir Dawood.

Published by John Grochowski