Be Aware of Negative Effects of 5g

Be Aware of Negative Effects of 5g

Today with the advancement of technology, everything has become wireless now, we do not carry heavy items or essentials. Now our next generation will be based on the internet of things and much more advanced technology will exist. Now 5g is in trend and many gadgets, appliances and smartphones are working for 5g but have you ever thought will there be any negative effects of 5g? If you are interested in this reading then, the further article is all for you. So, without more delay, take a fantastic look at this article to extract more information about this topic.

About 5G

5G stands for 5th generation of the mobile network which is a new wireless network developed from its older version of 4g. Its application of IoT and IIoT, which connects nearly everything beyond the horizon – machines, devices objects, and more – is a fundamental driver of ultimate connectivity.

negative effects of 5g

Negative Effects of 5g

Do you know this network works on millimetre waves? An expert speaker at a recent global 5G summit revealed that SpaceX tested their satellites over the EU and the US on April 23/24, 2020, and that a record number of people noticed odd heart palpitations and shortness of breath over those days. This shows that 5G could have negative consequences, and we need to find a way to safeguard ourselves. As a result, there may be negative effects of 5g on our health and other elements as well.

Final Words

5G cannot travel very far and, it can work only when there is a receiver within 1500 feet of the antenna. It needs to regulate its waves due to its spherical nature. As you can see, there are numerous disadvantages to 5G, so I would advise you to wait a while as many companies are striving to address these difficulties.

Published by John Grochowski